November 2, 2018 – Bloody day In Egypt!

10 people were killed and at least 20 others injured in an attack on several vehicles carrying Coptic Christians near a monastery in El Minya – Egypt on Friday, November 2nd (the same route where last year a similar attack took the lives of 27 and injured many)

Once again, radicalism and terrorism hit innocents out of nowhere, except the darkness of the attackers’ souls.

A family with neighbors, and friends going to the nearby monastery for the baptism of one of their children, and here they are between dead and hospitalized; all this in the name of God. ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack.

God Give lives and God is the only one who decides when to take it back, not humans based on their judgments to one another.

At this time that Catholic Church celebrates the All Saints, and pray for the departed, a group of pure souls joined as new saints.

Our prayers and thoughts for the healing of the injured, the peace for the families who lost beloved ones, and forgiveness for the attackers so they know the way to Love, acceptance, inclusion, and respect for the life and the human being, the most precious of God creations.

In the name of everyone at Egyptian American Chamber of commerce, we present our condolences to the families hit by this tragedy, and we ask God to grant peace for this troubled world.

                                                                        Nagy Guorgui Tadros

                                                                        Chairman of the Board

                                                                       Egyptian American Chamber of Commerce.

Google Doodle pays homage to Lebanese Diva Sabah

Google Doodle

Google Doodle

Shahroura, “Elizabeth Taylor of Arabia”,or Al Ostoora – the legend.
The smiling gorgeous lady at Google Doodle Middle East November, 10 2017.
Friday, November 10, would have been late Lebanese music icon Sabah’s 90th birthday.
To commemorate the date, Google honored her with a doodle that’s now going viral on Lebanese social media.
It’s none other than Sabah, the Lebanese singer who sat at the very top of the entertainment world during the Golden Era of Egyptian cinema in the 1940s and 50s.
Born Jeanette Gergi Feghali, in 1927, in Bdadoun, Lebanon. She took the stage name Sabah, meaning morning and shot to fame for her ‘honey voice” and her pushing the envelope in lifestyle and fashion.
According to her obituary in The Guardian, the star “appeared in more than 80 films and recorded around 3,000 songs.
“Her profile extended beyond the Arab world, however: she played at Olympia in Paris, London’s Piccadilly Theatre, and she was the first Arabic singer to perform at New York’s Carnegie Hall and the Sydney Opera House.
Sabah, who was known for extraordinary talent, sense of humor and love for life, passed away at the age of 87 on November 26, 2014.
At her request, her funeral, which was attended by thousands, was transformed into a celebration of life.

New Directory

We are working effortlessly to get our Directory ready … Stay tuned

Microsoft Community Partner

Microsoft Community Partner

Microsoft Community Partner

Microsoft Community Connections (MCC) helps connect local business organizations with Microsoft Partners to educate small businesses on how current technology solutions can help them operate more efficiently and empower them to grow their business.

The International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners:  Formed in 1994, the IAMCP serves as the preeminent global networking venue for Microsoft Partners. The IAMCP mission is to maximize the business potential of members through peer-to-peer interaction, member advocacy, community outreach, growth and education—while enhancing members’ ties to Microsoft.


Currently, IAMCP has 38 chapters in the US.  The largest of those is here representing Southern California.    Many IAMCP Southern California members work with Microsoft Community Connections to provide and share information on current technologies that are important to the business community and provide special offers to members of those associations.



Thank you,

Eric Klauss

Microsoft Partner