Nagui-Guorgui-Tadors-Chairman of EACHAM

Word from the Chairman

It is a great honor to lead the Egyptian American Chamber of Commerce or EACHAM. As we set course for a bright future, the EACHAM will focus on networking, connectivity, the millennial generation, empowering small business and broadening member participation. In addition, I created a new committee or advisory board led by David Wild, with the goal of helping members who wants to establish new business or needs some direction for more success.

The power of an active chamber is to have strong unified committees and good size of membership so it can advocate for the rights of its members and their business.
By investing in your Chamber of Commerce, you are investing in your own business, you are giving more potential from grow and success. Not only, your own business but giving opportunity for new Egyptian immigrants to have either the possibility to create their own business or to have a job in your established successful business. You are participating in a better citizen, a better economy in both Egypt and USA, you are investing in a better world.
The Egyptian American Chamber programs are in full swing. We are offering every 3 months Women in Business Breakfast, monthly workshops, monthly Networking Youth Business owners, Face to Face and Email mentoring.
The EACHAM is on the process to create it is first CEO & President monthly lunch and it will be leaded by mentors to help in creating more business opportunities for our members and solve some of the business issues they may be facing.
The recipe for success in a volunteer organization is participation, passion and value proposition. Will you participate by attending an event or joining a committee? Passionate members succeed because they are willing to roll up their sleeves and contribute their time and talents, thereby multiplying them. Finally, when you define your values and understand how they intersect with the Egyptian American Chamber ideals of business and leadership growth you’ll find this organization to be of great worth.
Finally, I appreciate the many engaged and active volunteers and members who serve our member businesses.
Special Thanks to our team of Attorneys and CPA who succeeded to get us the legal papers along with the Tax Exemption from the IRS as a non-profit organization.
I want also to thank the team headed by Jim Fulton, for getting our Trade Mark registered nationwide, so now our members can proudly add their Egyptian American Chamber of Commerce name as a registered Trade Mark in USA.
I want to recognize and all our Sponsors for their support, their names will be displayed on our home page under resources in the website, as a kind of recognition and meantime to give our members the opportunity to benefit from such valuable resources and supporters for our community.
Special thanks to all of you and to all who are supporting the vision and mission of the Egyptian American Chamber of Commerce (EACHAM),

Nagui K. Guorgui
Egyptian American Chamber of Commerce – EACHAM.


Along with other members, Al Horreya TV/ TBN was present at EACHAM table, Women In Business SCORE OC

EACHAM received a thank you letter from the General Manager of Al Horreya TV Mrs. Marie Ghanimeh.

Pictures shown below:

Mrs. Marie Ghanimeh – General Manager of Al Horreya/ TBN and Ms. Monique Wood – Board member of EACHAM


Mrs. Marie Ghanimeh – General Manager AL Horreya TV


Mrs. Marie Ghanimeh and Ms. Monique Wood