Business Expo in USA during 2017

Tourism has become an important sector with a great impact on development of country economy. Few of the main benefits of tourism are the income creation and generation of jobs. For many regions and countries it is the most important source of welfare.

Moreover, Tourism is an important factor to exchange cultures, ease  and develop human and  business relations.

One of the most growing sectors in tourism is the B-leisure, which is the business tours extended or mixed by a leisure extension in the hosted country.

The EACHAM – Egyptian American Chamber of Commerce will arrange 2 business missions yearly, to Egypt and to USA.  The principal objective during the 2 visits will be to deepen understanding between the United States and Egypt private sectors and to expand business cooperation and investments. Both visits will give time to the members to explore different touristic and cultural sides of the countries visited after the meetings.

          The EACHAM is planning for business Expo in USA during 2017 and will invite different Egyptian industrial sectors to promote their production during 7 days business-fair.

For all interested entities and individuals to contact the Egyptian American Chamber.

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