What is a chamber of Commerce?

In USA, there are thousands of chambers, boards of trade, and designated non-profits advancing the interests of their communities. Political and civic leaders across the country recognize that a chamber creates a stronger, more dynamic community. The Egyptian American Chamber of Commerce is the umbrella empowering the interests of the unified  Egyptian Americans in USA and providing a strong tool for the new Egyptian immigrant to start and strive their business.

Companies are interested in a range of issues, from health care and transportation to education and workforce development. Further, scarce resources are causing politicians, nonprofits, and business leaders to collaborate more than ever. A chamber is uniquely qualified to be the focal point for this collaborative effort and to effect positive change for both businesses and the community.

Who Are Chamber’s Members?

Chamber of commerce members are businesses, organizations, and individuals concerned with the socioeconomic climate of a community. These groups have joined together because they stand a better chance of getting things done when speaking with one voice. Chamber members include the small hardware store on the corner, the mom-and-pop diner, the established bank downtown, and your local sports team. There is no limit or restrictions on the number or kinds of members that choose to get involved in a chamber of commerce.

EACHAM – Egyptian American Chamber of Commerce

The EACHAM consists of dedicated group of philanthropists, business and community leaders who are creating an environment for the Egyptian-American community to network and connect. The EACHAM offers members a wide range of benefits, services, programs and information. As a Chamber of Commerce we focus on working together to help grow business community as well as to support those in need. Moreover, we are looking to have more than just business interest but also social and cultural ones.

Why do we exist?

Support economic relations between Egyptian and American businesses and promote the development of our members in both USA and Egypt. We are aiming to be a strong part of empowering economy in Egypt and USA. With uniting the Egyptians living in USA interests and providing both business and social network, we will be helping in a better community and adding a lot of positive angles to our society.,

What can we bring? To whom?

Our local team & members will bring you their expertise in various fields to help you develop your business in USA and for those who wants to invest in Egypt, they will get the resources and a chance for match with like minds. Our experts are here to provide you with any tips that will improve your knowledge of business culture.

What do we want to achieve?

Build a strong community in USA and reinforce the business environment of Egyptians and Americans.

How are we going to achieve?

Events, networking, panels, educational workshops, collaboration with other local organizations to achieve our goals in addition to social meetings and exposure to the Egyptian culture.