EACHAM provides the opportunity for all our premium business members to post job vacancies free of charge.

As we believe that this can help our community and it can be a good opportunity for our members to find the right candidate from within their community.

Job Vacancies:




The Egyptian American Chamber of Commerce is looking for:

1) Volunteers for different departments: Mentors, public relations, sales…etc.

2) Intern for the IT department.

Rewards and benefits are provided.

For more information or to apply, please Contact the EACHAM:

Email: info@eacham.com

Sashay World: Has the following vacancies:

1) Editors for its video and film department.

2) Data Entry free lancers: Should be good with online search and websites back and front offices.

3) Sales people to get ads and sponsors against commission.

4) Free Lancers for Fund Raising projects.

5) Customer service to work in the call center (should speak Arabic & English).

For more information or to apply, please contact Sashay World directly:

Website               : www.sashayworld.com

Email                     : info@sashayworld.com