November 2, 2018 – Bloody day In Egypt!

10 people were killed and at least 20 others injured in an attack on several vehicles carrying Coptic Christians near a monastery in El Minya – Egypt on Friday, November 2nd (the same route where last year a similar attack took the lives of 27 and injured many)

Once again, radicalism and terrorism hit innocents out of nowhere, except the darkness of the attackers’ souls.

A family with neighbors, and friends going to the nearby monastery for the baptism of one of their children, and here they are between dead and hospitalized; all this in the name of God. ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack.

God Give lives and God is the only one who decides when to take it back, not humans based on their judgments to one another.

At this time that Catholic Church celebrates the All Saints, and pray for the departed, a group of pure souls joined as new saints.

Our prayers and thoughts for the healing of the injured, the peace for the families who lost beloved ones, and forgiveness for the attackers so they know the way to Love, acceptance, inclusion, and respect for the life and the human being, the most precious of God creations.

In the name of everyone at Egyptian American Chamber of commerce, we present our condolences to the families hit by this tragedy, and we ask God to grant peace for this troubled world.

                                                                        Nagy Guorgui Tadros

                                                                        Chairman of the Board

                                                                       Egyptian American Chamber of Commerce.